A ruby client for free tech books

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If you’re not already using IT-Ebooks.info for sourcing ebooks, then you probably should be.

I hadn’t realised that they also have a simple API interface….. Boom!

I wrote a basic ruby client for accessing said API. It’s quite basic, but does the trick. Feel free to fork the repo and make it better.


Using the gem is really simple.

First off, grab it from Rubygems

gem install itebooks

Then in your app/irb, you can do the following

Search for some Ruby books.

require 'itebooks'

# search the api 
books = Itebooks::Book.search('ruby')

Get more detailed infomation on a particular book

require 'itebooks'

book = Itebooks::Book.find(2973000696)

p book.title # "Metaprogramming Ruby"
p book.sub_title # "Program Like the Ruby Pros"
p book.download # "http://filepi.com/i/a16hVNr" Download link (requires captcha completion)

p book.inspect # displays all attributes for a book

The book.download attribute is a direct link to a download of the book. This page does have a captcha though, so you’ll need to go grab it manually.