About me

Hi, I’m Gary Rafferty, an engineering manager based in Dublin, Ireland.

I work at Zalando, where I lead an engineering team within our Merchant Operations unit. Zalando is in the process of transforming from a traditional e-retailer to an ecommerce platform, and our team is helping to provide the technological foundation to drive this change.

I previously worked at Lonely Planet leading a cross-functional engineering team who were responsible for the development and operations of the authoring and editing platform that powers the core content for guidebooks and digital. If you read Lonely Planet guidebooks, then the content that you read has passed through our platform.

Before Lonely Planet, I was cofounder and CTO of PropelAd, an ecommerce technology company. PropelAd used web & email first party data to power lifecycle remarketing campaigns for brands and online retailers. Our customers could target browsers who abandoned carts, engaged visitors, unengaged visitors, specific product viewers or nurture their existing customers with ease. We were one of the first Irish companies to become a Facebook PMD (preferred marketing developer) for Insights and Analytics.